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We refer to Responsibility as our individual ability to respond to any given context using our tools and resources to perceive, synthesize, and respond to any and all life circumstances.

Responsibility is the ability to respond to stimuli. Its functionality is directly related to our level of awareness. The greater our space of awareness, the greater our capacity to accept, understand, and proactively participate.

Our abilities to respond act as filters wherewith we perceive and synthesize value. Using our preferences as neutral information, we can proactively participate in converging this information towards skills, tools, and resources that we can upgrade ourselves with, and converge into Human Sustainability.

Our ultimate responsibility is to self-regulate, to ignite our abilities to respond, and dynamically actualize, calibrating ourselves within the frame of reference and contextual reality where we exist. To take our space in the universe individually and collectively... no more and no less.

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We refer to Awareness as the space in between stimulus and response. It is here where we are expanded or contracted. Here, whether consciously or unconsciously, we choose to give meaning to our perceived reality...our story.

The greater the space of awareness, the greater the opportunity to proactively experience life.

For each individual, the process of expanding awareness can look different, and that is okay. It is what we do within the opened space that is relevant. We can expand our awareness through basic practices or complex rituals, through quiet or drama, through solitude or community, and so on.

The breath can be a powerful anchor to bring us back to stillness, where we are capable of neutrally observing, here and now, our whole existence in the falling and rising of our breath.

Expanding the space of awareness is to access the experience of abundance and liberation.

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We refer to Willingness as converging all elements; the propelling energy towards one’s life meaning and purpose.

Willingness sets both the frequency and the tone of our collective symphony as instruments. Our personal preferences, our immediate gratification, the possible, the impossible… they all harmonize within our willingness.

Tuning our willingness into Human Sustainability suggests active participation, here and now, through the human condition within our contextual reality, by accepting, understanding, and cooperating within a functional collective.

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We refer to Human Sustainability as a narrative that promotes activation through self-awareness and the organic motivation that it ignites, where collectives are propelled by a shared sense of purpose and meaning, which are built on genuine trust from the individuals that form them.

Human Sustainability is about responsible and proactive use of our humanity, where engaged individuals hold a dynamic and self-regulating mindset. The purpose of Human Sustainability is to effectively synthesize value from every circumstance in which we participate.

We refer to Human Sustainability as a direction, not a destination. A direction that has purpose, meaning and relevance, not a specific destination that we seek to secure survival through immediate gratification. Using this direction, individuals can navigate their lives by self-regulating and pacing their basic nature, while experiencing a greater sense of liberation, purpose, and meaning.

Human Sustainability helps us challenge our own individual frames of reference, where we can either fear or overcome.

Ultimately, it is about igniting our three primary colors… Responsibility, Awareness, Willingness: being responsible to our interpretation of reality as the assessment and calibration of our abilities to respond to life, here and now; accepting, understanding, and cooperating with ourselves and others; genuinely willing to engage in collaboration towards Human Sustainability.

We believe that there is inherent value in our individual way of bringing form to our lives, and in that form, we aggregate to supportive and meaningful collectives. With sustainable collectives, teams celebrate elemental individuality, rather than stripping it away.

Collectives demonstrate systems of leadership, like an orchestra that harmonizes and gets richer and greater with each talent that joins. The better you are, the better I am, because we are in the same team, and ultimately going in the same direction.

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We refer to Synthesizing as the capacity wherewith an individual perceives, extracts, and converts value from the reality to which he/she is exposed. This is relevant because here lies our capacity to experience life.

We each have individual abilities to respond to life, to perceive, to assimilate, to transform, and to actualize value out of every circumstance. Regardless of the contextual circumstances, the here-and-now is perceived differently by each one of us. Thus, the story we write about ourselves is unique.

We have been loaded with infinite amounts of information that has been relevant and useful at some point, in a specific frame of reference. Just like computer systems where intricate coding is necessary for the purpose of identification, we as individuals are coded through the context of our collectives.

Synthesizing is, in a sense, our ability to respond; to address and actualize that coding at all times, and continue calibrating the best of ourselves towards Human Sustainability. By addressing our coding, self-actualizing, and self-monitoring ourselves, we no longer need to rely on the coding of our collectives and the outdated material that has been passed down to us based on the need to survive.

We believe in creating a narrative that allows individuals to dynamically actualize and engage with themselves and with one another by calibrating within their context, knowing their relevance, and committing to thriving beyond surviving.

Through this narrative, individuals can upgrade their paradigms. This acknowledgement is our greatest asset to participate proactively in functional collectives.

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We refer to Social Responsibility as the idea of functional collectives, in which people thrive by sharing a narrative that ignites their individual skills to proactively engage in meaningful and purposeful service for themselves within their group.

Who are you? Rather than defining ourselves by our job title, socioeconomic standing, or membership in any group, we can lean towards introducing ourselves by what we care for; our purpose towards Human Sustainability.

We believe in establishing a narrative as the means of authentic motivation to engage in this organic flow of abundance, and ultimately to learn, love, serve, and expand ourselves, sending a ripple effect and inspiring others to do the same.

We perceive ourselves as a relevant part of the cycle, where participation does not come from material wealth supremacy, but rather from the abundance within, which triggers authentic generosity and creative activism that empowers sustainable evolution. Sustainable transformation through social justice and empowerment, come through raising awareness, not solely by raising funds.

With Social Responsibility, proactive participation can look similar to service. However, in this context, this can only be done sustainably by creating healthy self-esteem, where we are then capable of synthesizing and engaging from the experience of inner abundance. This is authentic service.

In Social Responsibility, we can experience a safe space, trusting in our capacities to live and form collectives from authenticity and harmony, where we honor life through connecting and collaborating with others.

Social Responsibility invites us to be responsible, aware, and willing to dynamically actualize the narrative we stand on, and self-regulate towards Human Sustainability.

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We refer to Continuity as the ever present, ongoing life force; a flow that exists and travels through us, like a radio signal that we are compelled to tune into, which gives purpose and meaning to our reception.

The more we are aware of this constant energy, the more we can accept life and ourselves within it, where we are capable and able to keep tuning in at every moment.

Self-esteem is the core connection to this space. It is accepting and understanding ourselves in the greater expression within a reality that allows observation without evaluation, leaving just enough distance to experience ourselves as the ones playing the game neutrally, rather than the character that is invested in the illusion of winning or losing.

The certainty of this Continuity is peace and stillness within. It is the climax and the deepest reach of the breath. We attune to it, and keep attuning to it. We choose into it, and in doing that, we continue expanding, evolving, transcending, challenging our limiting beliefs, and creating new grounds for expression.

Continuity is self-esteem that emanates from expansiveness, allowing us to surrender our human preferences and limitations, propelled by our willingness; nurturing and aligning us to keep on taking our individual place in the universe, through authentic engagement.

As much as Continuity is the energy flow of the individual, it is equally the energy flow of the collective. It is the universal energy that fosters, nurtures, and transcends human condition —the unconditional bond that we all share—, the DNA that is within every individual cell of the whole organism, the certainty that binds us, and the knowingness that we all are one.

Continuity is the essence of our humanity.

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